State Pageant

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State Pageant Requirements

  1. All local Miss Hospitality winners are expected to attend the State Pageant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The 2017 Mississippi Miss Hospitality Pageant Week runs July 16 - 22, 2017.
  2. Each contestant must turn in her completed Application Packet which includes the Official Application, Photos, official transcript, $275 registration fee, and medical release form on or before the date and time specified on the application. Registration check is payable to Mississippi Miss Hospitality Pageant; mail packet to One Convention Center Plaza, Hattiesburg, MS 39401.
  3. Contestants must sell three (4) full pages of advertising for the Official Mississippi Miss Hospitality Pageant Program at a cost of $350 per page. For information on when all ad money and layouts are due, contact the State Pageant Office at Submit ad layouts in camera-ready format and in PDF format.
  4. If a contestant currently attends an out-of-state college or university and wins the state pageant, she must immediately enroll in a university or college in Mississippi.
  5. Contestants must be able to do their own hair and makeup at the State Pageant. No one will be allowed in the dorm or backstage before the pageant competition.

State Competitions & Judging

                                                                    Panel Interview

The Panel Interview Competition will be held on Wednesday of the pageant week. Direct, concise, and relevant questions ranging from world affairs to state and local politics, information on the State of Mississippi, ambitions and goals, personal interests, and questions concerning family and friends may be asked for five (5) minutes. Contestants will wear a suit or dress.

One-on-One Interview Competition

This competition will take place on Thursday of the pageant week. Each judge will meet with each contestant for three (3) minutes. The basic tool for conducting this interview is the contestant’s fact sheet, which is a resume of personal credits and a guide for getting to know the contestant. The contestant will wear a business suit and heels for this competition.

Mississippi Speech Competition

Each contestant will have 90 seconds to present an original speech on "How would you promote our state to a visitor of Mississippi?" No visual aids may be used. Contestants will perform the speech before the judges on Friday morning of the pageant week. The contestants will wear Miss Hospitality T-shirts (provided) and khaki shorts for this competition.

Commercial / Black Dress Competition

Contestants will model a black cocktail dress. When selecting a dress, take into consideration that there will be a production number performed. In addition to modeling the black dress on stage, contestants will present an original 20-second commercial on the importance of their city or county.

Evening Gown Competition

Contestants will model an evening gown of any color. When selecting a dress, take into consideration that there will be a production number performed. During the Evening Gown Competition on Saturday night, the Top 10 will be asked an on-stage question by the emcees. This portion will be scored separately from the Evening Gown Competition.

Preliminary Scoring

Panel Interview 25%
One-on-One Interview 15%
Mississippi Speech 20%
Commercial / Black Dress 20%
Evening Gown Competition 20%
TOTAL 100%

Top Ten Scoring

Panel Interview (brought forward) 25%
Mississippi Speech (brought forward) 20%
Commercial / Black Dress 20%
Evening Gown Competition 20%
On-Stage Interview 15%
TOTAL 100%


Photographs are used for judging and publicity. They should be of exceptional quality. Photograph requirements are as follows:

  1. Two (2) 5- x 7-inch and eight (8) wallet-sized black-and-white official photos must accompany the application. These should be of portrait quality and made by a professional photographer for best reproduction.
  2. Official photos must all be the same pose. The required pose is head and shoulders only. Contestants should not wear crown and/or sashes in the official photos.
  3. The photographs in the contestant's program advertising pages are not required to be the same pose as the official photographs. Photo quality should be good to produce advertising pages that are of a good quality.
  4. Outdoor, Polaroid, or candid snapshots will not be allowed.
  5. Do not submit soft-focus photos. They do not reproduce clearly.
  6. Type contestant's name and title on a label and affix it to the back of each photo. Do not write directly on the photos.
  7. Do not staple photos together or use paper clips without protection.